On being Marco..

You remember the time you spent 3 hours hiding under a bed at some random furniture shop marveling at your brilliance? You thought you finally figured out the only place in the world where you would never get caught. The realisation that your friends had stopped playing the game after the first hour came a bit later than you would have ideally preferred but the point is, hide and seek is actually a really fun game. If your friends weren’t jerks that gave up too easily that is. Now, have you played hide and seek with an inanimate object? The one that doesn’t quite grasp the rules? Despite going crazy seeking them out and yelling surrender, they still refuse to come out. It’s NOT FUN.

This is what me and my mom were playing at my sister’s place at 2 am yesterday..or today morning, to be precise. It’s not the first time we are playing it but it’s been long since we last played it so we were a little out of touch. Did I mention that this game is always initiated unintentionally by me? I’m not clumsy despite what people claim. My things just like their owner refuse to conform to expectations – ‘The scissor can’t just FLY on it’s own now, CAN IT?’ Maybe it got sick of people telling it that its not supposed to fly and it just took off-literally. So yesterday, I lost my paper disappeared. It’s of average significance compared to the other things I have misplaced that have run away from me so I wasn’t very worried about finding it. They all eventually come back. My mother should know better, they always came to her first when I was younger. They probably still would but she doesn’t live with me anymore and their cover will be blown if they turn up infront of her. I am not paranoid..do you have a better explanation as to how exactly  three seconds after I search the exact spot, my mother finds the thing?

Clearly my mom needs me. She’s completely lost her touch at making things appear magically while keeping her cool. It’s been so long that we turned a place upside down. It used to be a regular occurrence when I was in school so much that it used to be “Our thing”, you know. The playful bickering, the ‘How many times do I have to tell you’s and the immediate transition to the fake cheery ‘Don’t worry We’ll find it. We have all night!’ after watching my face fall. I miss this. I didn’t realise that losing the same things is different when you stay away from home. Lately I have been a little preoccupied with my things and my mom with my sister’s pregnancy so we haven’t had much time for each other. Dab on her menopausal mood swings to my growing impatience, we have basically spent no time together at all. This post is to thank the paper that magically turned up in my brother in law’s cupboard (How? I don’t know) . Thank you for making me and my mom crawl on our knees, stand on our toes, lie flat on our stomach and what-not. We may have failed to locate you but we didn’t fail us. Which means a whole lot more than finding a semi-important paper anyways.

P.S. If my brother in law is reading this, very unlikely but still. Don’t gloat just because you found it. It was JUST dumb LUCK! Until next time..!

10 thoughts on “On being Marco..

    • Hahah! It’s mostly my mom’s fault! She goes on these random cleaning spree and when I confront her about this annoying habit of her’s that is misplacing things, she comes up with something like “Your father was convinced that your room was the perfect breeding ground for anacondas and he said that if we find some priceless eggs we could sell them and maybe get enough money to pay some desperate poor soul to enter and clean your room.” How do you even respond to something like that?


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