Pinocchio, PLEASE!


Boundaries. If it weren’t for them we would be claiming each other’s lands, sleeping in our neighbor’s house and maybe in their beds along with their spouses too. Basically utter chaos would ensue if we didn’t keep them. Metaphorical or not, they are important.

Yes, I know the previous blog post was about me trying to dig up some dirt on my friend’s crush without her knowledge which is a clear violation of staying within the boundary. In my defense, whatever boundaries that existed flew out of the window when we used to take bubble baths together in our childhood so it doesn’t matter.  *Hypocrisy at it’s best*

Right, now that’s settled. I think I might need to piss around myself to mark my territory which contains well, just me since some people seem to mistake me as public property. Oh, I’m sorry you want to know what’s happening in my life even though you aren’t my friend so that you can pass some crude comments about what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t! That sounds lovely, grab some popcorn will you, this might take a while!

No, you just CANNOT poke my chest area when I’m wearing a skin-fit dress and say “My, my, my so they do exist..barely but still!” if I don’t know you well. That’s just weird! True, but WEIRD.

Ugh. It’s so much harder since I’m a woman. Not because I’m more prone to get hurt in the emotional aspects. Please. It’s just harder to pee around yourself and not soil yourself in the process.


If only people were more like Voldemort..the world would be all about rainbows and unicorns!

What about you? How do you twart away the nosy Pinocchios in your life? Ideas other than standing in a circle made by your urine will be deeply appreciated.

29 thoughts on “Pinocchio, PLEASE!

  1. People just love butting into other people’s lives. One day, I was eating popcorn while watching a movie, and one of the popcorn fell down my shirt. My cousin tells me ,” You have so much space down there, don’t you?!”

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    • That’s so unfair! I hate that it’s so simple for the boys since many of them just casually ‘whip it out’ , do their business and stuff it back in, especially on the footpaths here. Bleh. After an encounter with my grandmother’s friends, Voldemort seems like a cute little cuddly bear. 😉

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      • 😂 You are amazing, how you put that. But you really nail it… lol… Sometimes they are even to lazy to go to the toilet when having a cigarett break outside and look for the next tree…. urgh… Oh that must have been nice friends… 😀

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  2. Rather than taking all in and marking your own territory which they are going to trespass whether you like it now. Be offensive. Start giving them their own medicine. Over a period of time, they will try to maintain a distance from you. In the process, you gain a larger territory. 😉

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  3. Oh wow, well, I’m really not a very social person. I found out early that a lot of people will disappoint you, not to mention, drag you into their personal live if you get too close and vice versa. It helps that I’ve never been very social to begin with but not everyone is like that.

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    • I love meeting new people. I’m extremely friendly during the first meeting and then I instantly regret it if I don’t end up liking the person so much. I’m too friendly actually which I’m working on. It just brings unnecessary problems more than anything. :/


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