The title sums up everything. You know your day may not go quite well when you end up swatting flies and scratching yourself from 2 am only to realise at 4 am that your roommate with a libido that jump starts when she sees anyone that has shown a teeny tiny interest in you but has quite an inactive brain left the door to the room WIDE OPEN. So needless to say, I woke up grumpy, annoyed and just basically wanted to hide under my blanket for the rest of the day or actually year.


This is probably how my roommate's mother feels..everyday!

It also doesn’t help that the protagonist in the book I was reading was going through a hard time. I can’t explain it but I am what I read. If the lead is extremely happy, so am I. If she’s trying to slip past a paid hitman, I’ll be jumpy even when the book is closed for a bit so I can carry on with the activites in my life. I don’t leave the bed for days if it ends on a sad note. Yes, Nicholas Sparks had driven my family mad when I was younger.

I’m not miserable. I have no reasons to feel so. I’m not even tired since my postings are relatively relaxed this month. I just don’t care. Tests,exams,cultural events..I’m finding it very hard to care about anything. I’m a person that recquires a teeny bit of stress for that very much needed push to the finish line. It usually helps me be productive. A little of it, not too much though! But lately I’m finding it very hard to even muster some interest which is the only thing that can evoke stress.

Last month at this time, I thought eradicating stress was the only step to happiness. I realise now indifference is worse.

22 thoughts on “ARRRGGGHHH

  1. Just do a prayer of relief.. No stress is a good sign.. I might suggest you try a new restaurant or a fav ice cream cone it ll bring life to you 🙂 and roommates can be a bit sucker lol just don’t give a shite :p

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  2. She left your door open? What the hell?

    Oddly, I felt ANGRY at the author of those Divergent Series. I was so pissed off how it ended, that I was angry for 3 days after I read the last page and had to post it on Facebook. So, I can get how you would identify with a character.

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    • I know right! UGH! The mosquitoes literally sucked. It also doesn’t help that there’s a mini dengue crisis going around here. I felt so miserable after I read the sequel to my favourite book ‘If tomorrow comes’-Sidney sheldon. I actually wrote an alternate ending and stapled it to the back cover to make myself feel better. :$


      • Mosquitoes love me! I hate them! I would be swollen from head to toe. (their high pitch eeeeeee – the most frightening sound ever)

        HAHAHAHAH! when I complained on facebook about the book ending, a friend of my said “Well, did you really see them living happily ever after?” And I was like well, no… but there are several other scenarios that could have happened… and I came up with alternate endings that didn’t result in her death.

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      • Her death? That’s one I’m not going to read for SURE now. I read ‘The fault in our stars’ really long ago, way before the movie came out and I remember in my alternate ending I killed her off too so that they have their little ‘infinity’ for eternity. Looking back, I’m actually embarrassed by the endings I then figured were far better than the original ones!


      • I KNOW! If only everyone shared our exact views on ‘happily ever afters’. Maybe we should stick to Famous Five. The characters ALWAYS solved all the mysteries without getting themselves killed. Even the dog survives! I don’t think I would have ever outgrown the books if I wasn’t convinced that it seemed sexist that only the boys got to do the fun stuff while Anne and George just ‘stay put’ somewhere else. We grow up too fast..the 10 year old me would have never found anything sexist! :$


    • Hahaha! I know, I read about it! I’m not a ‘Potter-head’ or whatever it is that dedicated fans call themselves but it’s still nice to get tid-bits of a story that seems far from over. 🙂


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