Yes, you read it right! For an eternity(atleast seems like it) I have been trying to convince my family to visit me in Chennai. An idea my sister and her husband aren’t too fond about since the weather is terrible here.

There’s this act we often play out in Malayalam when we hear/witness something incredibly rare(someone taking a bath, someone get the gist) we run to our windows and squint about and exclaim loudly and sarcastically that no crow is flying with it’s belly faced up, so the world seems to be actually functioning properly which is incredible seeing how the events are unfolding the way they are.

Sooo..the point is instead of spending the weekend on my bed binging on chips and soap operas, MY ENTIRE FAMILY(DAD, MOM,SISTER, BROTHER IN LAW-I felt the need to clarify, ignore me I’m gloating) HAS DECIDED TO COME DOWN HERE FOR THE WEEKEND!! It was a sudden decision made –
because we miss you‘(parents)
because we were bored‘(sister)
FOOD FOOD!‘(brother in law) ??

Whatever the reason, I’m ecstatic! 😀 Unfortunately I had to reschedule a meeting with one of the nicest bloggers I have had the opportunity to know to another day. I hope the honey-coated words will soothe the pain that you may be feeling-No, not the pain you feel because of wearing yourself off by dancing around happily like a lunatic when I cancelled plans.

I’m supposed to be attending college tomorrow but I’m starting my weekend early!! So YAAAAYYY! Hope you guys have a great weekend tooo! 😀

16 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT A RANT

  1. My mom would move in with me (into the men’s hostel, no less) if she could! 😛 She’s always looking for a chance to visit me in Chennai. But the last time they were here it didn’t go so well. The taxi guy was late, it had rained, the hotel was bad – basically everything that could go wrong. And yet she was courageous enough to propose another visit this October.

    Anyway, will look forward to your post on Monday!

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    • My mom is pretty dramatic too! When she saw the state of my college hostel, she actually burst into tears and told my dad that there was no way in hell she was leaving me there! 😛 So far, their trip is going really good! 🙂 Maybe because it was a sudden decision, they hadn’t really planned on anything so they are happy with however situations are unfolding.
      Hopefully your mom will have a fun trip next month too! 🙂

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