I JUST realised I’ll only graduate in 2019

Just an undergraduate course, too!
So I’ll be daddy’s little BIG girl for a long time. And unemployed..till 2019 since I’m studying.

This is how I figure usual conversations of my friends and mine would flow in 2019  :

C(hot shot Charted accountant) – No..NO NO! I WILL NOT CHANGE my evaluation of your company’s statements. HAW!YOU think I can be bribed? Listen to me mister –Oh,guys I’m soo sorry, I’ll just be on the phone for two more seconds– Yes, what? Oh!..How many MK’S are we talking about?And shoes? Hm..okay I’ll see what I can do.

A(craves to be a mommy) : I just wish we could try again you know..like NOW. I know I know..I heard the doctor. It just feels like we are wasting time. I wish science comes up with an answer so that we can begin making our third baby while the second one is still in my uterus. Maybe one day. For now, let’s just wait for this one’s due date. *sighs*

L(the ‘mysterious’ dude) :
Number one :Just transfer 7 billion to the Zurich account. Yes. NOW.
Number two : Handle it discreetly.

Me : *prods random stranger since everyone at my table is busy with their phones* DUDE DUDE DUDE..this dude over here asked someone to handle number two discreetly..HAHAHAHAHA!

37 thoughts on “I JUST realised I’ll only graduate in 2019

  1. Well, you can amaze them with your conversations on the phone in 2020.
    “What do you mean he needs his kidney back? Inject him with a strong dose of Anesthesia, and I’ll talk to him when he wakes up day after tomorrow! I have a dinner date to get back to now!” 😀

    ** Jokes apart!! I’m sure your conversations will make more sense than my lame joke 😀

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    • HAHAHA! Damn it! The ‘inject him with Anesthesia to shut him up’ is supposed to be a top-secret procedure known only to those who toiled away 5 and half years in medical school. This is a very serious case of a security breach.

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      • Then we might have to ‘rectify this situation’ *malicious grin* (I don’t know why, the instant I typed rectify the situation, all I could think of was that scene where Christian Grey refers to Ana’s virginity as the situation he has to rectify. :$ There goes my evil dramatic moment.)

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      • See I cannot compete with the Christian grey reference! 😀 And just like that… you found a brand new way to knock out people 😀 (quotes from fifty shades) and if I’m right, the train of thought started with anaesthesia! 😀

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      • Yeah thats coz I was wayyyy too curious about how your brain works… and I quote amy from tbbt “I’d love to cut up your brain to see what’s going on inside” 😀 😀 ** for a boring engineer, I’m making an awful lotta medical jokes :p

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      • Engineer YES! 😀 The company of doctors was overwhelming me since I can’t follow half their conversations! Look at us with our not so fancy-yet awesome quotes 😉 Instead of Shakespeare it’s EL James and Tbbt! 😂

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      • I now have to give you a convincing yet confusing answer using big words to subtly show off my ‘vast’ medical knowledge. Brain twins is like photosynthesis. There! That’s the only big word I can think of for now! Hopefully you don’t remember much of 6th grade where they teach you all about photosynthesis and you’ll just assume I’m intellectually gifted.*sighs* I am a disgrace to the medical community, let’s just switch already!

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      • Hey!! You stole our technique…. thats how we answer our viva questions… ask anyone 😀 and photosynthesis is that awesome process where you have to keep the photo negatives in the dark room, and then in couple of hours, you’ll be able to synthesise the picture 😛 how cool is technology 😉 ** just kidding 😀 yeah… I am hopping to switch places…. but chennai is a big no no no for me :p can you ask iron man to move the college to bangalore? 😀

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  2. Mythili, you crack me up.

    wish science comes up with an answer so that we can begin making our third baby while the second one is still in my uterus. Maybe one day

    Um, yes, why hasn’t science come up with that. But wait, having morning sickness while being 9 months prego – wouldn’t wish that on any poor woman. (well, okay, I’m no saint, I could think of a couple…but you’re not on that list!) Plus imagine, you’d be huge like an elephant. And at 9 months, trust me, you already feel like you’ve packed your trunk and entire car.

    Kiss, Kiss! Muah!


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    • Hahaha! Hiiiii 😀 IT feels like it’s been ages! I had cultural events at college so I was basically a zombie that was functioning solely on adrenaline most of the days. The pregnancy thing sounds horrible! There are days that I feel like my intestines are coated with nutella which is responsible for their sluggish movements. Did I just compare binging on nutella to being pregnant? It’s a miracle that I’m still allowed entry in medical school. :$
      P.S. The list sounds interesting. 😉 My grandmother tops mine. Easily.

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