Monday in keeping with the tradition of crushing happiness everywhere whenever it comes, marks the end of my blissful 5 day mini-vacation. We had a little break since last week was an auspicious period for both Hindus and Muslims. The great part about living in a secular country is you get holidays for EVERY AUSPICIOUS FUNCTION!

I spent my 5 days with my mom who is undergoing ayurvedic treatment to manage her arthritic pain. The hospital is like a mini resort and I have been a guest yearly for about 10 years now. I usually stay for a fortnight or month in my younger days.So the nurses, doctors,waiters, everyone has seen me through all the awkward stages-when my front teeth was constantly aroused by remaining ‘upright’, when the strands of my hair resembled that of the elephant’s tail, when I would pee standing up because “it’s not fair, he’s doing it why can’t I?”…anyways. They all KNOW me very well. I love the hospital since it’s got a great ambience, plus there’s Wi-Fi, Ac, always great company. People usually come for massages to relax and get away from everything. My mom forced me to get  massaged as well for 5 days. I’m usually reluctant to strip in front of a woman who has seen me since I was a child. I mean what if she says “Ah! Nothing’s really changed since the first time you came here, right?” after looking at me. *shudders*

As for great company, this time I met a guy around my age who is my exact OPPOSITE. There wasn’t a single thing we agreed upon. Likes, dislikes, every little thing. He hates Iron Man and nutella! o.o It was fun though, constantly bickering with each other! He found the fact that I usually get bro-zoned extremely hilarious so he calls me ‘bro’. He’s apparently the guy the girls run to for every little problem so I call him the virgin-ator:The man that protects women’s modesty all around the world since he has no sex drive.(Strictly my theory) It was nice to behave like a bunch of 3 year olds and just bicker! Just what I needed since I was whining about turning old this whole month. He’s also very good with kids and I’m well..awkward around them for the most part. So we played snakes and ladders with a bunch of kids there a couple of times. The kids started liking me when I told them that V-ator was totally cheating since he kept winning. It was a lie, but somehow they started liking me way more than him! So YAY! It’s a good sign. I’m going to be an aunty in a couple of months and I learnt that all you need to do to earn love from a kid is by claiming someone else is trying to cheat them at a game and instead help them win a couple of times(by cheating ofcourse).😝


My mom’s doing great too! All in all everything was perfect! But obviously Monday being Monday just has to destroy everything so now I’m in a bus back to the city where I’m studying. A journey of 8-ish hours is ahead of me and the guy next to me is hogging up the armrest as usual. Hah! Take all the armrest space you want. In about 7 hours, you’ll have a huge patch of drool all over your shirt thanks to yours truly so we’ll see who has the last laugh!😌😌😌😌

17 thoughts on “Immaturity

  1. Haha and here I was wondering you are goona be pointing out the stinky arm pits fragranting the air lol that guy V-tor sounds a clergy man to me ..I was expecting a bit of awkard stares :p Jezz! I guess no more romcoms for me now 😂😂

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  2. I predict you’re going to bump into that annoying dude, years later, and marry him. And you will argue like all couples do about things like Nutella (you won’t have to worry about him eating your jar- so that’s good) and Iron Man being the best, but he might get you to consider another super hero.

    My husband loves the Dave Matthew’s band. I’ve gone once with him and that was enough- they bore the heck out of me. That’s a thing he does with his friends now. See, we don’t have to agree on that. Oh, you go ahead, honey. Have a great time. I’m happy to watch some Netflix and rewatch movies I’ve seen multiple times. He does like to go to the movies. I’ve gone without him. 🙂

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    • Whoaa! I would probably be bickering while walking down the aisle, though we don’t really walk in our custom- we just sit cross legged next to each other and the whole thing gets over in 5 seconds. :$ I spent the whole week during nothing useful! It was really good 😉 That’s really nice! I have a couple of friends that completely changed themselves so as to match their boyfriend/husband’s interests. I find that really weird..:/


  3. Nice diary and good to know of your hospital exp, and friend in your own candid language.

    No sex drive reminds me of girl’s categorisation of guys into ‘hasmukh’ (pleasant) and ‘prachand’ (beastly kind), but it had something to do with this sex drive and feeling safe thing. Though I was happy to be in ‘hasmukh’ cat, but later I realised its kind of no-frills category 🙂

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