Hello? It’s me.

Please don’t ask, Eh? Who? since it’s a been a while! Off topic, isn’t that song by Adele just simply beautiful? She is making me feel guilty about losing touch with people in my life that don’t even exist.

Firstly, HAPPY DIWALI 😀 It’s a festival of lights, celebrated by bursting crackers and all that! I celebrated diwali at home this year and since we have pets, we didn’t entertain bursting crackers yet it was the brightest diwali for me since we were all home!

We are all name-hunting right now for my niece/nephew and it’s causing quite a ruckus. We probably have to name the kid “IT” to maintain some peace in the family. Naturally, nobody was amused at my suggestion. Honestly, I don’t get the big deal out of names. By the time the kid grows up, the name won’t be “cool” anymore and he/she is going to hate it. Apparently in the 90’s Mythili seemed like a great idea to name a child, now personally I think it sounds like a fungus named after those weird scientists that dedicated their entire lives to find the reason for that itch in the groin area.

This is the second time the phone has slipped out of my fingers and plonked down on my chest. I better stop since I’m extremely sleepy and also if my phone keeps falling, my girls will never ever come ‘out’. At 21 years of age, I still have faith that they are probably just shy and need a little more time. So ssh. I have to stop typing for the greater good.

34 thoughts on “Hello? It’s me.

    • I love stalkers!! They are the nicest. And I’m not just saying that because I’m one myself. (Ok, maybe I am)..I’m sorry I’m a bit late, I was sorting out things and exams, and all that! 😀 Happy diwali, new year and everything! 🙂

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      • It’s okay,
        its been a surprise for me to get a chance to interact with you,
        I almost forgot because of my person issues
        I hope I’ll stock you more
        Well when that you adore xD
        And ya Happy Diwali, New Year & others.


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  2. My girls popped way too far out in 4th grade. Be careful what you wish for… it isn’t all that. (and you can’t push ’em back in either… not like I ever tried that or anything)

    Baby names are the worst… we did not pick out a name for our daughter until 3 days before I was scheduled to deliver her.

    Guess we better pick something, huh?

    We shot each other’s ideas down right and left. Jessica? NO! There was this girl in the neighborhood that refused to bathe. The other kids called her Jes-i-cocca. How ’bout Rebecca? NO, we had this roommate that refused to clean the apartment and left piles of dirty dishes and we kept getting ants. And so on, and so on.

    In the end, we chose something well. My daughter likes her name, because there’s plenty of versions to satisfy her. We didn’t get creative.

    I’m sure your family will, as well.

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  3. Mythili, im not getting your post updates 😦 was wondering where you had disappeared…well its too late to wish you Happy Diwali, guess I’ll wish you Merry Christmas a month before just in case I forget to wish you on the 25th…you know how Christmas time and people get busy..so..
    anyways how u doing?

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