Rambling on…

It’s been a while is probably an understatement! I have a lot of excuses – exams,stress, lalalall..the truth is a bit of these excuses and a simple fact that I just didn’t feel like there was anything to write about. That’s that! Having said that, i am GLAD I’m here now! I have missed each and every one of you, ok ALMOST everyone(to the new followers – well..I would have missed you too if you had followed me a little bit earlier but better late than never.)


I have been dying to say this! I AM OFFICIALLY AN AUNT!! Now to be honest, I’m not very fond of kids-they observe your every move and then bring it up at the most inappropriate moment. It’s a good thing that the said skill is usually possessed by kids who are too young to make money out of it in the form of blackmails. There’s a saying in Malayalam(my mother tongue) that for every mother crow her baby is the fairest of the lot, but in case I’m pretty sure my niece is the most gorgeous thing- I say thing, because no human/animal is capable of being so adorable and innocent- in the world! No offense to the rest of you, second best is still good. She’s too good for us which is why we are all secretly doubting if there was a mix-up at the hospital because there’s no way such a tiny adorable little thing could be related to our loud crude family. I guess we just have to wait for a couple of years to be sure.


This kid bears more resemblance to the family

Speaking of babies there’s a trend usually seen in government hospitals during labour. I’m not sure if it’s exclusive only to India or it’s seen elsewhere too. During labour when the woman yells in pain, the nurses and doctors instead of soothing and encouraging her yells back at her. And it’s frequently along these lines “What? Enjoyed so much during sex right, so suffer now!” “You didn’t have any trouble spreading your legs then, why are you creating a fuss now?” and so on.. infact they even give little smacks to them when they scream out in pain. My sister gave birth in a private hospital so she didn’t have to face this ordeal. It’s ironic that sex is mentioned as something vulgar by gynecologists and midwives themselves . I mean if it weren’t for sex, they wouldn’t even have jobs. I’ll never understand. Then there’s this obsession with the male child. For crying out loud, it’s the 21st century! Sex determination is banned in India because of this very obsession. My grandmother’s sister used to say “girls are like precious leaves and boys like thorns, in the end of the day it’s the leaves that have to shield themselves”. She apparently forgot she too has a vagina although with her sexist views I doubt there’s a thorn in the world that wants to poke her.

ANYWAYS, I have rambled on and lost the plot like always! The baby’s awake, so I’m off now! Until next time :D, which will be very, very soon.

P.S I am OFFICIALLY back and I’m not going anywhere!

43 thoughts on “Rambling on…

  1. Ah! Welcome back, you were terribly missed! *bear hug and awkward pause before you erm your way out πŸ˜› *
    I’m so wary of kids, can’t can’t can’t figure them out, recently was on the train with a couple of them, the tinier one managed to get a hold of my hair clip banged and banged it to the window and chipped away a part of it, and managed to sneak away two biscuit packets which led to a very strange conversation between me and their parents who awkwardly fumbled on πŸ˜›
    I’m dreading being an aunt, have given my sister enough cautionary warning to not dump me in that ditch though, still we’ll be the cool aunts, the kind that offers that extra ice cream and barbies and sneaking fries and cute earrings all the damn time! πŸ˜€

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    • Hahah! I am super awkward around kids too. Infact I think I’m getting along with the baby so well now since I’m doing most, um..actually all the talking. I would dread sitting next to a family with a naughty kid. It’s like kids sense the uneasiness and plot a plan against you and then it begins-the biting,the kicking, the “I WANT WHAT SHE HAS”..It’s super awkward since you are complete strangers and all you can do is politely say “no,no” when the kid painfully bites you and the parents find it hilarious.


  2. Wow, I did not know about that! I am speechless ….. are they nuts? And what about the men? The had fun too during sex ….. are they a more precious species that they don’t have to suffer? I mean that is also ridiculous, but I just say that from their point of viewing a delivering mother…. anyway…. that is simply odd!
    Oh, and glad you are back, sweetheart!

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    • Haha! I do feel old! I was the youngest in the family till now and all of a sudden there’s this tiny little doll that just pees and sleeps all day. I feel super gigantic on comparison. Although I’m pretty sure comparing your age to that of newborn baby is never a bright idea.


  3. They smack a woman in labor? Even a “little” smack….ummmmm………that’s terrible!!! Is this how they would have wanted their own mothers treated??? But I assume “government” hospital = “low-income/poor” hospital? Doesn’t excuse it either way. Poor women are rarely treated with the dignity they deserve. They certainly aren’t here in the US but I haven’t heard of anyone being smacked either!

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    • Heyloo! Government hospitals treat their patients usually for free, so it’s obviously preferred by those with low income. It’s horrible here :/ not in all government hospitals but most of them. The problem is the nurses have a huge work load and are paid very less. Their actions aren’t justifiable under no circumstances..but that’s the state of things here. :/


  4. Congratulations on being an aunt!!! Babies really are the best, aren’t they? They remind you of how things were meant to be – sweet, innocent and beautiful, uncorrupted by the world.

    I can’t believe the doctors and nurses do that! Sex is not a dirty, ugly thing. Even as a Christian who believes the biblical stance that sex was created to only take place between a husband and wife, I still see sex as a beautiful thing created by God as a gift to us, His creation. It is an act to be cherished and celebrated in the right context!

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    • No, no! I’m the cool aunt, I’m supposed to do all the fun things and let the parents worry about the mundane boring things! :p (The baby’s mom is pure evil and she’s been making me do all these things till now. If I ask her to change the baby’s diaper she’s all “I just had an operation..I’m tired”..so much for the cool aunt with 0 responsibilities fantasy -_-)

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