‘Stuffings’ aren’t always edible

I’m supposed to be packing. Predictably I’m lying amidst a heap of underwears and staring at the ceiling instead. I’m shifting hostels and only when you go through ALL your things you realise what a big fat mess your life is. I’m not kidding! This week it’s been “OMG I was looking for this top since last year” “Bus ticket..bus ticket..another bus ticket..honestly, what the hell..ooo some shiny gold paper..WILLY WONKA HERE I COME..ARGH another bus ticket” “I can’t send this away, I mean the holes in the dress adds to the class and elegance of the dress, oh..there’s a hole in the crotch area too..bah! Pure elegance.”

I cannot decide what to give away and what to keep which is why this process is taking too much of time for me. There’s this pen with a mermaid perching on top and it’s got those fluffy feather like things hanging from the top(I’m sure these type of pens/pencils have some fancy name, I’m lazy to google so you can just tell me in the comments) It doesn’t even work and somehow my brain convinced me that it has to be saved since it’s got memories. I don’t even know if it’s mine and I’m saving a bunch of things citing “memorable moments with it” as an excuse. *sighs* At times like this, I wonder why I even bothered leaving home. My mom is heartless while packing and just separates things with ease, me? How can I take that and send this away? Wont it feel bad? No Mythili, because INANIMATE OBJECTS DONT HAVE FEELINGS. I need to get that drilled into my brain.


This is how my mom packs

I feel like this spoilt princess that’s been suddenly left in the jungle with a note “All the best..oh and by the way, I hope you have acquired the necessary skills without which you might starve and die – no biggie. Muah.” I have to do all the procedures to shift hostel on my own-which is not really a big deal for most people but for me it seems BIG(with the caps on and everything). I’m learning a little by little each day which is good enough. It feels so weird once everything I ever owned is put in suitcases, it’s like I never even lived here. Spent 3 years in this room and it doesn’t have any sign of me ever being here. Aside from the occasional stains here and there :$ I wish we could do the same to some people in our life we wish we never met. Even when they leave for good, our head holds way more stains as memories than needed. Especially if they aren’t worth it. However after a week of grueling packing, I’d take the painful memories than to begin the process of stuffing all the unwanted memories and thoughts in some virtual box and sending it far away.  STUFFING IS NOT EASY. Speaking of stuffing things which is packing for me, I better get a move on things otherwise I’ll end up going comando everyday in the new hostel if I leave all these lying around here.


Aside from the nose and the masculinity..ok no just the nose alone, this is ME

I haven’t had the time to catch up on my reading :/ so I’m still clueless about what each of you are upto and it’s annoying.

5 thoughts on “‘Stuffings’ aren’t always edible

  1. When you get around to catching up on reading, you’ll see I have moving woes, as well. Stupid boxes, that purposely won’t allow all things to fit. Where is that damn Mary Poppins girl when you need her? She gets everything into 1 bag with handles.


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