My last post was on May 2016 and I ended it with a “P.S I am OFFICIALLY BACK AND I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE”


So now that my old and new? readers have established that I’m an extremely reliable person, I shall move ahead.

Image result for rebooting

Probably what my old readers have to do to lower their standards to continue to endure me after the long break


I am so glad I still remember how to type and move the little weird stubborn white arrow that always points in the same direction but can be moved around as per as my will – What’s that? Oh Ok. Fine. It’s called the cursor? Geez. Things sure have changed since 2016.

I’m almost done with my medical school(the undergrad part anyways) and like every classy human being who is planning to dedicate his/her life for mankind, I plan to run around the street butt naked with my degree to ward off prospective grooms because that is the FIRST AND REALLY ONLY thing my relatives are really concerned about – Arranged marriage. And since nobody in my family understands why the thought of sharing a life let alone a bed with a complete stranger, whose only redeeming quality that my parents are concerned about is if his horoscope matches mine and if our stars will allow us to live happily ever after and “bless them” with little grand kids, is not very appealing to me, The butt naked sprint is the only mature thing left to do. This way I get to flaunt my success as well as make all the grooms squirm. So Wohooo. I’m sorry for forcing that image into your brain. Just concentrate on the piece of paper I’m waving about.

I haven’t written in a while. No inspiration, no mood until now which is also maybe because it’s my first real long vacation(ALMOST A MONTH. AN ENTIRE MONTH. No this isn’t sarcasm. I’m actually happy.) I’m just waiting for my results and then it’s a year-long of slave labor that they call internship over here.

The amount of I’s used in this post just proves I’m self obsessed as ever but at least it’s not a long post about the possibility of sweat glands being hyperactive on my cousin brother’s feet. Not a medical observation just an olfactory one.

So I hope this year so far has been going the exact way you envisioned it or if not I hope it is sprinkled with happy surprises. I,myself have had a fair share of wake up calls this year(and it’s just March!) and while I wasn’t so pleased to be jolted I am slowly learning to be grateful(I’m still annoyed about a few things. I’m 23 years old. What are you expecting? Maturity? Pfft.)

I’m learning to slowly let go of things that I had no rights to hold on to in the first place. Pointless grudges, Pointless people. A lesson I’m learning in excruciating slow pace might I add.

It’s a good thing that I have so much room – or in my family’s words SO SO SO SO SO MUCH ROOM for personal growth else I’d bored in life.

Now that the reintroduction is done and dusted, To shortly summarize –

  • I’m still a mess
  • I just threw in words like personal growth and lines about letting things go when in reality I still eat Nutella out of the jar on most days to feel better about myself.

AND I’m excited to be back and catch up on everything. SO YAAAY! Can’t wait to stalk wherever the little white arrow takes me.



  1. You were certainly away long enough to have missed out on a lot.
    Let me say, wonderful to have you back. Trust you remember me…we established contact on fb some months ago…
    Hmmm, still so good to have you back.
    Well..I’m moved to my own website now..i.e. http://www.theextraaamile.com. so you need to visit me there…and yes I see a follower in you ( so much for asking to be followed…but u understand ryt-we bloggers are shameless)
    Hoping to hear more from you.
    This comment has turned out to be longer than I expected it to be…that’s excitement I guess…to have you back…yayy.
    Welcome back

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  2. Hell yeah.. I completely agree with your words on marriage.. How on earth someone takes that step and the fact of changing the surname for a girl is something that annoys me a lotttttt..

    Liked by 1 person

    • My parents met each other on their wedding day but that was a long time ago. I don’t understand how all of them aren’t as paranoid as me. As far as changing the surname is concerned, I guess if it’s not forced and something someone wants to do it’s their opinion and their life. I’m just going to moonwalk-or let’s be real waddle- myself out of this whole process I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

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  3. Dude.. After all these days, again I’m referring to dictionary for your vocabulary 🙏 Missed your”literature” 😉 Expression of words literally can be learnt from you.


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