Good? Bad? UNCLEEEE!

I remember when I was little, my mom advising me to be a good girl so that I don’t get dragged away by the mean looking relative with the thick moustache(not to be sold away as a sex slave or anything, just probably to a land where there’s no nutella or something equally terrifying). Now […]

Enduring nightmares to create memories

I spent the weekend in a lovely resort celebrating my friend’s  bachelorette party! The parts I can recollect are amazing and the parts where I can only gather bits and pieces from my hazy mind are cringe-worthy. I don’t usually,no.. EVER let my hair down(also quite literally- It’s a horrifying mess) but this weekend was […]

Grow up, seriously

To the man behind the counter : I don’t get it. How is that you could remain casual and professional while charging for a chocolate flavoured condom to the man infront of me but fluster and fumble when I ask for sanitary napkins? And what’s with the whole ‘wrapping the sanitary napkins pack with newspaper’ […]

Saved by a stranger

My mother was fidgeting. She was standing still, only because her earlier pacings earned a LOUD suggestion from my grandfather to go ‘empty her bladder’. She was convinced half of India must have heard that. Speaking of India, this man wasn’t even staying here, he was in some far off land with Arabs! How can […]

A traditional South Indian Wedding, and Why I don’t want it

Weddings…people throwing their heads back laughing, kids running around, the aroma of jasmine flowers and traditionally cooked sadhya(traditional meal), the bride gazing dotingly at the husband- these are the images we THINK that consist a wedding thanks to the overly paid photographers we hire. Reality? It’s tiresome and expensive and to be honest, boring. Really […]