My head hurts..I have been crying too much. With my forehead pressed against the cool glass door of the balcony, I even contemplated how easy things would be if I literally just took the extra step..off the balcony towards the other side. Thankfully, the sound of my bones shattering and the possibility of me feeling […]

Pinocchio, PLEASE!

Boundaries. If it weren’t for them we would be claiming each other’s lands, sleeping in our neighbor’s house and maybe in their beds along with their spouses too. Basically utter chaos would ensue if we didn’t keep them. Metaphorical or not, they are important. Yes, I know the previous blog post was about me trying […]

Enduring nightmares to create memories

I spent the weekend in a lovely resort celebrating my friend’s  bachelorette party! The parts I can recollect are amazing and the parts where I can only gather bits and pieces from my hazy mind are cringe-worthy. I don’t usually,no.. EVER let my hair down(also quite literally- It’s a horrifying mess) but this weekend was […]

Future Challenge *makes spaceship buzzing noises*

Before I completely get sidetracked and forget what I’m supposed to do.Here’s the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thanks Confused Apple! 😀 A blogger I have had the pleasure of just recently discovering. Needless to say I’m still reeling under that pleasure. 🙂 Link back to the challenge creator, Dreams and Movie Screens […]

Don’t even want to think of a title

Nothing eventful is currently taking place in my otherwise very happening *coughs violently* life. I haven’t got lost-atleast not geographically, mentally I still haven’t found my way, I haven’t drooled over any stranger while travelling(I can’t find the post in which I have mentioned my travelling woes, so bless your luck, you are spared..for now)- […]