My head hurts..I have been crying too much. With my forehead pressed against the cool glass door of the balcony, I even contemplated how easy things would be if I literally just took the extra step..off the balcony towards the other side. Thankfully, the sound of my bones shattering and the possibility of me feeling […]

Don’t even want to think of a title

Nothing eventful is currently taking place in my otherwise very happening *coughs violently* life. I haven’t got lost-atleast not geographically, mentally I still haven’t found my way, I haven’t drooled over any stranger while travelling(I can’t find the post in which I have mentioned my travelling woes, so bless your luck, you are spared..for now)- […]

Those judgy little eyes that I want to tear off

Sorry for the rather violent image that you must be imagining because of my ‘what-seems-to-be’ rude words. I have a reason. People suck. I really must start coming up with more original ideas, Thank god wordpress doesn’t have those ‘techy-things’ that picks up on a borrowed word or thought like those used to evaluate the […]

Why winning makes you a loser.

I recently visited a temple where there the usual pushing, pulling, groping(some people never pass on an opportunity), punching, poking-your-eye-you get the point, basically anything that gets them a spot before you to bow their heads down to a deity probably praying for world peace, was replaced with a sense of calm and patience. Everyone […]