Second friday! Wohoo! Second saturday is the only saturday I’m off. Finally the much awaited weekend of the month is here. I’m overjoyed to tell you that I’m posting this on my way to banglore- a journey of 5-6 hours to spend time with my pregnant(still can’t get over it)sister and my brother in law. […]

Post written with a clenched fist…

No, it’s not a challenge. Although that is interesting..must remember to not forget that!  I am just frustrated beyond belief. I feel like smashing everyone’s head in or plucking them out from the rest of their body and knocking them with it with Miley croaking singing ‘I came in like a wrrreeeckkiing ball’ in the […]

Bad blood

I’m annoyed because I’m upset. I hate that I make myself vulnerable despite countless lessons advising me otherwise. I trust too easily. My roommate of two years decided to shift the hostel and informed me just a week before the planned day. Under normal circumstances this seems rude but not totally unforgivable. But here’s the […]