Little miss lazy

Our cultural events in college just got over which explains why I haven’t been around lately. I had a great time! I met lots of like minded people from various colleges which is a big deal since the college I attend is loosely referred to as the ‘nerd hub’ for justified reasons. Now that the events are over, I have a huge growing pile of laundry that I have so far successfully been able to ignore if I look right ahead and partially close my right eye. For this method to work now, I may have to close both my eyes. Only then will the growing pile completely disappear from my field of view. I’m not even going to get started about the state of my room. Let’s just say the past few days, I would barge in at 6 am, shower if perverted peeping lizards don’t show up, grab bread that’s barely visible under all THAT nutella, leave and get back by 6 am the next day. So I don’t need to tell you that now that as I’m slowly easing myself back to routine, I’m sleeping in a pile of padded bras,novels, wires etc. There’s so much of cleaning up to do that the very  thought of initiating it is getting me exhausted.

I have zero stamina since I’m not eating right and I don’t remember the last time I moved voluntarily unless it was absolutely necessary. Our hospital postings have started and I can’t stand continuously for 4 hours without my ears starting to ring and my vision getting blurry. I’ll probably be the kind that dozes off in the middle of sex. Hopefully the lucky guy won’t mind necrophilia and can finish the job off by himself.

I’m turning 21 next month! I don’t want to in the next post I’ll talk about it.

Hopefully by the time I type in my next post, I may have moved a little and done SOMETHING. Right now, I give myself little pats on my back when I manage to get up to pee instead of holding it in and wait for other ‘urges’ to develop so I can finish every thing off together instead of doing it one at a time.

You can say it aloud. I need help. Any tips to prevent me from being a part of the furniture? I’m afraid IT’s a bit too late..I think my butt has melted already and gotten entangled with the cot. Why else would it be so hard to lift it off the bed?


If I looked this cute, I wouldn't be that worried about my melted butt.

23 thoughts on “Little miss lazy

  1. Ha! I definitely see a 21 year old but in a lot of ways you seem closer to 50…already resigned to being passive during sex…that is a privilege awarded only to those married 5 years or more. I definitely think this type or sloth is part of the youth that is wasted on the young, but all I can say is, enjoy it!

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    • Hahaha,I FEEL 50. My grandmother is actually more active than me. Well, active as in indulging in the latest gossip about family, friends and foes but still..she’s doing SOMETHING!
      I better not enjoy it too much. The other day I was thinking of how convenient it would be if there was a little hole next to my bed so I didn’t have to walk all the way to the washroom. :$


    • If it wasn’t for my white coat which has a stain of goat’s urine that wouldn’t wash off NO MATTER WHAT I DID, I myself wouldn’t have believed that I belong to a medical school.
      Thank you for dropping by 😀


  2. Part of learning to adult is learning when you need to rest. Sometimes – despite what parents tell you – this DOES mean lazing about and recharging for a few. I promise. If you don’t do this on occasion, eventually you’ll be afflicted with some horrific flu that will FORCE your butt in bed for WEEKS. So rest. It’s key. I SWEAR. 🙂

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  3. Hahah..don’t feel bad ,,you were just lethargic with all the outdoor activities and it’s not that bad with the mess. .at least there won’t be dirty hair roaming in the sink :p

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  4. Ok something extremely weird is going on… up until now we just had similar stories, the same pet name, but I’m also turning 21 next month! Are you sure you’re not my clone in another country?!

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