My head hurts..I have been crying too much. With my forehead pressed against the cool glass door of the balcony, I even contemplated how easy things would be if I literally just took the extra step..off the balcony towards the other side. Thankfully, the sound of my bones shattering and the possibility of me feeling every ounce of physical pain that I thought would clear the mental anguish while my family and friends stare horrified and shocked quickly made that fantasy lose it’s appeal. I’m being majorly silly. I don’t even have any problems.

My city has flooded due to excessive unprecedented rains this month and there was no way to contact anyone since the networks were down also food was scarce since people were stocking up due to panic and banks/atms were closed. No power anywhere too. Thousands lost their homes. Hundreds, their life. My area wasn’t affected much, no electricity and network but I had food and drinking water which was a luxury then. Unfortunately many weren’t that lucky. Chennai is slowing making it’s way back with each passing day. I left the city to stay with my sister and mom when the roads were declared safe enough to travel.

You see what I mean by saying I don’t even have real problems comparatively? Yet watching the news daily seeing places that I used to frequently visit completely submerged, misunderstandings with mom and exam stress has started taking it’s toll on me. I haven’t even been reading anything or writing (as some of you can see…or can’t..ah!) for almost a month. I’m a person that experiences major highs and lows. Since I realise it, it helps. I’m thankfully surrounded by great friends and a dad who doesn’t quite understand what’s happening, but tries to help. Things aren’t really going great with mom as of now. Hopefully a little sarcasm and some efficient planning would get me on my feet which is why, I decided, why not end this long pause from wordpress? I mean, it’s not fair that I’m the only one experiencing this! Might as well give you bunch a headache once in a while, which I fully intend to do with my posts!
I’m not going to be very regular till February, since I have my exams then. But after that, I’m going to catch up on ALL your posts and leave you fumbling about for the block option(is there a option like that?) for some peace of mind.
The world seems to be going a little crazy at the moment, with the attacks in Paris, STILL unresolved issues in Syria, easy access to guns and their consequences in USA, floods in Chennai and unfortunately many many more. All of you stay safe and more importantly stay strong. Look out for one another. That’s all we can do. And that’s more than enough. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Miss u doc.. We do Pray for chennai’s speedy recovery. Like everytym in wp, your post reflecting mine. Though this happens often every feeling is new to deal with.. Hope for the best coming buddy , gudluck for d exams

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  2. I think everyone in the world, at least once or multiple times a year, so stop what they’re doing with all the craziness going on, and just start dancing. Any kind of dance. For about an hour. Or ten. Then everyone can relax.
    That’s my suggestion.

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  3. Thankful to hear from you again! We definitely live in a broken world – a world wrecked by sin and groaning for redemption. I work with a lot of people in Chennai and am glad you are safe. Keep your head up. The darker the darkness is, the brighter the Light shines ❀

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  4. We’ve missed you and I certainly am glad you were okay, and your friends. I’m sure those places you frequented, you might/must have been terribly worried about others. Worry over your own safety and welfare of friends- Very distressing.

    Glad to see you on here. πŸ™‚ Thinking of you.

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  5. Hey gal πŸ™‚ glad to read your hear post after a long time! Yes, the times have not been good, and surprisingly or not, the year always ends with tragedies! But we shall never give up! Probably thats the happy ending.. that no matter the consequences, we will never give up on life! Take care kid πŸ™‚ ❀

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